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Morningstar is inviting users to participate in a program for a new product called Morningstar Markets, a web-based application that bundles real-time market data with Morningstar’s security data, fundamental research, news, and analysis. It is designed for financial professionals who require accurate and timely market data to make investment and trading decisions.

Staying Ahead of the Market
There is no better way to keep a close eye on the market than Morningstar MarketsTM, which presents the latest live market data in an intuitive, flexible format. Coverage is broad and detailed, with data from domestic and international sources, including all major equity exchanges. Features include overlapping and resizable windows, multiple workspaces, right-click menus, and drag-and-drop functionality.

Fast. Flexible. Easy-to-configure.
Web-based application for monitoring markets.
Morningstar MarketsTM supports trading and investment decisions with streaming real-time data for instruments traded in major exchanges. Its adaptable quote displays, charting, qualitative analysis, news, and alerts are available either in a stand-alone application or in other Morningstar products. Delivered via the Web, Morningstar Markets offers a desktop-like user experience that provides control over display details such as chart settings, window sizes, and workspace configurations. No installation is required and it’s accessible from anywhere with a web connection.

Get real-time quotes
Get real-time quotes
Create watchlists
Create watchlists
View intra-day/historical charts
View intra-day/historical charts
  • Morningstar Markets Features

  • Real-time quote data

    Streams real-time and delayed data for instruments traded in major exchanges

  • Trading Data Displays

    Comprehensive trading data displays to interpret and track market activity such as time and sales tables, watchlists, and calendars

  • Advanced Charting

    Extensive selection of charts to view intraday or historical price and volume data includes candlesticks, OHLC bars, comparisons, events, technical indicators, and more

  • Interactive Watchlists

    Fully interactive watchlists providing access to market and security analysis in one click. Offered in different formats and can be configured to monitor securities or portfolios of your choice

  • News & Market Calendars

    Streams news and calendars from Morningstar and other sources, notifies users about specific investment types, regional information, and general market updates

  • Alerts

    Real-time alerts for a tracked security automatically notify users of changes in price, volume, or other set criteria

  • Security Research

    Qualitative analysis for thousands of securities, including financials, insider activity, and ownership information, is available for quick access or in-depth research

  • Intelligent Search

    Search functionality that allows for fast and intuitive filtering of securities

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